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5 tips to help your team navigate construction tech adoption

Kelly Choi
By Kelly Choi on Mar 28, 2024 6:00:00 AM

The construction industry has a reputation for being a laggard when it comes to digital adoption. Implementation of transformative technological innovations remains low compared with all other sectors of business. In a joint study by KPMG and the Canadian Construction Association, 59% of construction industry respondents agreed their organizations needed to adapt their digital strategies to help them move forward.

As business leaders lean more toward technology to help their teams navigate the current business climate and improve their bottom line, it will require a strategic approach to ensure proper tech onboarding.

Here are our top 5 tips for getting your entire site team to join you on your tech implementation journey:

1. Explain the WHY with clarity

It’s important for your team members to understand why. Clearly communicate the expected end results and benefits the new technology brings to the table.

Often, a business will decide on a new platform and expect everyone to follow along without sharing how the new technology will help streamline processes, enhance efficiencies and contribute to a safer and more productive work environment. When team members understand the purpose and positive outcome, enthusiasm for adoption is more likely to follow.

2. Remember the ENJOYMENT

Remember those days in primary school when you would get a gold star for reading books or accomplishing a task? Fast-forward to adulthood, and it’s not that different. Brands turn to gamification to help improve employee and customer retention.

Think about fast-food brands — like Starbucks even — that gamify their apps to attract and retain customers. At the site level, finding fun ways to create friendly competitions that revolve around using modern technology will help increase adoption rates.

3. Invest in TRAINING

Invest time and proper resources in comprehensive training programs tailored to diverse learning styles and aptitudes. Try to understand how your team members learn and absorb information. Many people in the subtrades are tactile learners. Provide hands-on workshops, user-friendly guides and interactive learning sessions.

Lean on the training resources provided by your new software platform. But don’t forget to involve your HR team members, managers and site superintendents for their input. They’ll know your people and the team culture you’re aspiring to.

Construction workers on site discussing project details


Tech adoption is a journey, not a sprint. Don’t be discouraged if your subtrades don’t immediately adapt to the new tools and processes.

Instead, provide a continuous feedback loop, offering support and encouragement. Set aside time at regular intervals to check in with your site team members. Do a temperature check to see how everyone is doing.

Use this time to create a positive, supportive environment by allowing them to share their feedback in the spirit of making things better.

5. CELEBRATE the wins

Acknowledge and celebrate each milestone of your team’s technology adoption. Share these wins with the entire team to create a positive culture. Take the appropriate time to recognize everyone’s efforts. Small gestures like bringing in coffee and snacks help to reinforce the value of everyone’s contributions.

Taking a thoughtful approach

Incorporating digital technology into construction practices requires a thoughtful approach that involves all your team members. By explaining the why, making it more enjoyable, prioritizing training, offering ongoing support and celebrating wins, construction leaders can help guide their subtrades through the journey of technology adoption with a smoother transition. By showing respect and working alongside your team members, these actions will all help support your lean efforts.

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