Nialli Workspace

Nialli Workspace

Contribute better together

Keep everyone in sync with visual tools that help you focus team conversations.


Why choose Nialli Workspace

Share resources icon

Share resources

See the big picture with tools that make it easy to view relevant project resources in context, plus link directly to source content.
Visualize conversations icon

Visualize conversations

Enhance team discussions and decision making – it’s easy to share ideas, mark up drawings and make decisions from anywhere.
Create workflows icon

Create workflows

Create workflow templates to suit your needs. You can build value stream maps, kanban boards and more, making it easier to track decisions.
Gain insights icon

Gain insights

Access data to increase transparency and identify opportunities for improvement. You can also export your data for more in-depth analysis.
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Nialli Workspace bring in project resources

Bring in project resources

Add drawings, documents, slide decks, images and more to a shared space that everyone can access in real time. You can even annotate PDFs and then save the marked-up file. If you need to give people more context, it’s easy to add links to the source documents.


Nialli Workspacedesign workflows

Design workflows

Don’t settle for workflow templates that aren’t quite right. Instead, support participation in any visualizing activity – from brainstorming to kanban. You can set up specific activities (like Choosing by Advantages or value stream mapping), or use Nialli Workspace for design reviews and project bids. It’s up to you.


Nialli Workspace invite collaborators

Invite collaborators

We make it easy to invite anyone to Nialli Workspace, setting each user’s permission as needed. If you need to bring someone in for a last-minute meeting, a quick email gets it done. You can also invite guests to participate without the need for authentication, so you can get down to work without delay.


Nialli Workspace use Microsoft Teams

Use Microsoft® Teams

Are you a Microsoft Teams organization? We’ve added features with you in mind. You can use Teams to discover others who are currently in a workspace and start a video or voice call with a single click. It’s also easy to join a recurring Teams meeting from a link in Nialli Workspace.


Nialli Workspace contribute with QuickShare

Contribute with QuickShare

QuickShare lets anyone contribute notes and images just with a simple scan of a QR code. No authentication is required, so you can get immediate feedback without delay. The only thing that guests need in order to participate is a computer or a phone.


Nialli Workspace gain insights

Gain insights

Once you have data in a workspace, it’s simple to export it to other formats. Choose from multiple formats that give you a snapshot of project progress and team contributions.



Full remote access

Get the digital tools you need to work together effectively, in the same room or joining remotely. Nialli Workspace is designed for enhanced visual collaboration using a large variety of display technologies, from large interactive walls to smartphones.

Nialli Workspace on large interactive wall
Interactive wall

Collaborate on a large scale

Take the traditional big wall experience into the digital world by combining Nialli Workspace with a huge interactive wall. Its surface offers precise 40-point multitouch and highly flexible configurations – letting you keep what you love about your paper processes while adding digital flexibility.

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Want to take a closer look at Nialli Workspace to see if it’s right for you? Book a no-pressure online demo, and we’ll answer all your questions. We can even set you up with a free trial. Prefer to talk over the phone? You can reach us at 1.587.316.8273.

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